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Archive Gmail messages to Google Drive folders

By using this script you can archive Gmail messages to Google Drive including message attachments. First of all create a copy of the following spreadsheet document: Archive Gmail messages to Google Drive The spreadsheet document should contain a new menu item

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Monitor Google Drive folders with Google Apps Script


Google Drive comes with beautiful tools to get notified about changes happening to a shared document. Sometimes you need also to be notified when somebody adds a document to a specific folder. This Google Apps Script allows you to specify

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Trigger updates between master – slave spreadsheets

Based on a discussion happened on the Google Apps Script community on Google+, with this post I want to explain a possible solution to trigger updates between master and slave spreadsheets. The basic idea is that on an onEdit on

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Automatically generate documentation for your Google Apps Script libraries

Not everybody knows that Google Apps Script comes with an handy automated documentation generator for your libraries. Let’s see how it works. First of all you need to create your sample library, so create a Google Apps Script called sampleLib

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Manage Google Apps Domain Shared Contacts with Google Apps Script


The Google Apps Shared Contacts API allows client applications to retrieve and update external contacts that are shared to all users in a Google Apps domain. Shared contacts are visible to all users of an Apps domain and all Google services have access to the contact list. Google Apps Script provides a Contacts Service…

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Context.IO REST API and Google Apps Script Integration


Context.IO provides a REST email API that makes it easy and fast to integrate your user’s email data in your application. As soon as you connect mailboxes to Context.IO the system index them and makes all the content available through a set of REST API. Context.IO not only exposes mail messages…

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