What is it Google Apps Script?
Google Apps Script is a tool that allows you to customize and automate the Google Apps suite and third-party apps that integrate with Google Apps.

What is a script?
A script is a sequence of instructions that is interpreted and executed.
Think for example to your Spreadsheet file, do you want add a custom menu? This is possible through a script!

What you can do with Google Apps Script?
with Google Apps Script you can:

  • Customize Google Apps
    Google Apps Script allows you to add a new customized menu in a Spreadsheet document or export Gmail messages with a specific label to a Google Site or update social networks directly from a Spreadsheet document by filling cells with the text you want to publish.
  • Automate processes
    Google Apps Script allows you to create automatic or timed actions for example send a production report at 12.00 of every day or clear the content of a Spreadsheet document every first of the month.
  • Create graphical user interfaces
    Google Apps Script allows you to create web based graphical user interfaces for collecting and displaying user data and save them for example in a Spreadsheet document.

Before you start, the basics

You must have at least a free or business Google account and a browser.

Access to Google Apps Script

Create a script
You can create your first Google Apps Script in different ways:

from a Spreadsheet file:
Tools -> Script Editor -> Blank Project
from Google Sites:
More -> Manage Site -> Apps Scripts
from Google Drive:
Create  -> More -> Script
or through the following link

ok, let’s go to create your first Google Apps Script

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